Our most popular cushion interior. Stable and resilient.

  • GENERAL PURPOSE – keeps a regular shape
  • VARIOUS DENSITIES – soft, medium and firm
  • DACRON WRAP – adds volume and shape
  • STOCKINETTE – links the cover with the interior
We offer Window Seat Cushions with Foam Interiors


Soft and pliant, moulds to the shape of the body. A lived in look.

  • SOFT – Soft and adapts to shape
  • COMFORTABLE – easily arranged for comfort
  • SUPPORTIVE – moulds to the body
  • PLUMP – requires plumping to retain shape
We offer Window Seat Cushions with Feather Interiors


Combines the qualities of Foam and Feather. Offers a domed, plump look.

  • FOAM – a central foam core
  • FEATHER – wrapped around the foam core
  • SHAPE – retains a generally, regular shape
  • COMFORTABLE – pleasant to sit on
We offer Window Seat Cushions with Foam and Feather Interiors

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