Popular for window and bench seat cushions. A simple, straight forward shape.

  • WINDOW SEAT – on a window sill or box
  • BENCH SEAT – in the kitchen or elsewhere
  • BOX SEAT – for an Ottoman or linen box
  • PET SEAT – as a sleeping spot for cat or dog
We offer Window Seat Cushions in a Rectangular Shape


Frequently used for cushions set within bay windows.

  • WINDOW SEAT – set within a window bay
  • CUSHION WIDTH – front wider than back
  • SIDES – slanted inwards from front to back
  • FLUSH – fits flush to the wall
We offer Window Seat Cushions in a Trapezoid Shape


Where the seat area is best covered by more than one cushion.

  • SIZE – to accommodate a large seat
  • SHAPE – for a larger bay window
  • FEATURE – to allow for a lid
  • DESIGN – for a “non-standard” shape
We offer Window Seat Cushions consisting of Multiple Cushions


For an unusual or “non-standard” shape, often made to match a template.

  • NON-STANDARD – for example an arc
  • UNUSUAL – with cut-outs or uneven sides
  • DIAGRAM – we make up from a diagram
  • TEMPLATE – we make up from a template
We offer Window Seat Cushions in Custom Shapes