The most simple form of cushion, without piping.

  • DESIGN – simple appearance and design
  • COST – the lowest cost style option
  • MAINTENANCE – the easiest style to clean
  • HEIGHT– for cushions of all heights
We offer Window Seat Cushions in a Plain Edged Style


Piped around the horizontal cushion edges.

  • POPULAR – a very popular cushion style
  • DEFINED EDGES – providing a squarer shape
  • CONTRAST – can be piped in a contrasting colour
  • HEIGHT – for cushions of 5cm or higher
We offer Window Seat Cushions in a Box Piped Style


Threaded through the depth of the cushion, secured with buttons.

  • SHAPE – can add alternative shape
  • COLOUR – can introduce further colour
  • CONTROL – controls the cushion shape
  • DECORATION – buttons can be decorative
We offer Window Seat Cushions in a Buttoned Style


Any combination of styles, according to your requirements.

  • YOUR CHOICE – we make up your unique style
  • COMBINATIONS – of edging, buttons etc
  • CO-ORDINATED – with curtains, blinds etc
  • ADVICE – on what works and what doesn’t
We offer Window Seat Cushions in a Custom Style

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